Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

exerciseCardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) is a unique type of stress test that allows us to precisely measure maximal oxygen consumption, anaerobic threshold and pulmonary gas exhange during exercise on a stationary bicycle. This information is correlated with heart rate and blood pressure. By doing so, subtle abnormalities of cardiac and pulmonary function can often be detected even when the common cardiac tests such as cardiac ultrasound or even cardiac catheterization are " normal".

This test is extremely valuable as it accurately

  • Determines causes of unexplained chest pain, shortness of breath or fatigue in patients with previously    "negative cardiac work-ups"
  • Follows patients with valvular heart disease and precisely measures their exercise capacity in order to best determine when surgery may be required
  • Helps to determine if patients symptoms may be due to medications which they are taking that prevent their heart rate or blood pressure from responding appropriately to exercise
  • Allows us to give a precise exercise perscription based on the patients aerobic threshold

We are proud to be a pioneer in providing this service to our patients in the private practice setting and the first in the Chicago area.

 We are proud to be the first private practice in the Chicago area offering this service to our patients.

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